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The Tribal Knot

Rebecca'a newest nonfiction book, The Tribal Knot: A Memoir of Family, Community, and a Century of Change is now available from Indiana University Press and Amazon.

Tribal Knot

"Writing begets more writing. Meaning grows on the page."

Sample Poem

Watching my Parents Sleeping Beside an Open Window Near the Sea
by Rebecca McClanahan

Needing them still, I come
when I can, this time to the sea
where we share a room: their double bed,
my single. Morning fog paints the pale
scene even paler. Lace curtains breathing,
the chenille spread folded back,
my father's feet white sails furled
at the edge of blue pajamas.
Every child's dream, a parent
in each hand, though this child is fifty.
Their bodies fit easily, with room
to spare. When did they grow
so small? Grow so small--
as if it were possible to swell
backwards into an earlier self.
On the bureau, their toys
and trinkets. His shaving brush
and pink heart pills, her gardenia
sachet. The tiny spindle that pricks
the daily bubble of blood, her sweet
chemistry. Above our heads
a smoke alarm pulses, its red eye beating.
One more year, I ask the silence.
Last night to launch myself
into sleep I counted their breaths, the tidal
rise and fall I now put my ear to,
the coiled shell of their lives.

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The Kenyon Review

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Kenyon Review, Winter 2013
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Writer's Digest Magazine, March/April 2013

The Riddle Song and Other Rememberings
(a book of essays) University of Georgia Press, re-released as paperback

• "Everywhere at Once, 1903" (
adapted from The Tribal Knot)
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• "The Soul of Brevity: Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Brief Essay"
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Gettysburg Review, Summer 2012

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River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Winter 2012

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